Book Review: Mind Reading at a Whole New Level!





Don’t Even Think About It

Sarah Mlynowski

 Author Sarah Mlynowski was very creative indeed with her latest title, “Don’t Even Think About It”.  When a high school homeroom class visits the nurse’s office for a flu vaccine shot, they never thought they’d walk away with these side effects. As the ensuing days after the vaccine, they start to notice things making them question their sanity. When it becomes apparent that they can read each other’s minds as well as anyone within a close proximity, all hell breaks lose.

 This young adult novel is full of fun, mischief and superpowers of telepathy but that is not all. There are serious threads as well, forgiveness for adultery/cheating, overcoming familial issues, and questioning morals and ethics. It brings to light the serious side of the “what if” that really happened to me question and whether people are mature enough to handle being given this ability.

 The story was fun as the reader follows several points of view through their discovery of their new ability and how each person of the 22 students handles and deals with the new situation. This story showcases the dynamics of friendships as they blossom between the 22. While they all were acquainted with each by name, their combined onset of the telepathic ability brings them closer. They develop a bond to protect each other and to assist each other as they progress through the stages of it. 
 It wraps up in an interesting way that could lead to a sequel. I for one would love to see how they progress; to see how the ability further changes their lives or how they utilize the ability to better their lives.


To see other works by Sarah Mlynowski visit her website at:


 FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.



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