Book Review: A Matrix of Occult Windows into the Soul combined with Supreme Technological Aptitude!





Natasha Mostert

Author Natasha Mostert creates a story so mesmerizing, you’ll stay up late to find out what happens next. It is more than simply a detective story, or paranormal thriller. This tale takes a walk on the conspiracy side with covert organizations that delve into the Occult with physic-like abilities added to another organization dealing with alchemy of the mind and mysticism of memory. 

 If it were possible to create a library within ones mind that would house memories and knowledge far greater than one person can physically hold, to what lengths would one go?  In this murder, mayhem mystery the characters prove they will go to any length to obtain what they desire. In the case of Gabriel Blackstone, an information thief, he will go undercover using deceptive measures to gain access or reveal secret avenues to the information he desires. To the Monk sisters, the witches in this case, one will murder to save all they have created together.   

 The characters are so well thought-out and 3 dimensional, you’ll either love or hate them or even feel both emotions at the same time. The Monk sisters, while being the villains have so many redeeming qualities or at the least intriguing qualities, it would be easy to befriend them. While on the other hand, Gabriel Blackstone is a thief, but is so charming and charismatic you’d want to befriend him too. Only death and despair follow all of them in their wake.

 This story reveals facts of real-world psychology and occult methodologies that were well researched to provide the detail rich world in which the setting occurs. Author Natasha Mostert has meticulously crafted a story world so real and yet so fanciful it is easy to leave reality behind and get lost within its pages. Its slow build, clue dropping pathway leads to an eventful ride of adventure. It is thrilling, it is magical, it is the Season of the Witch!


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FTC Disclaimer:  I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded.








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