Book Review: “Release anything that no longer serves you…foods, beverages, relationships etc.”




Angel Detox

Taking Your Life to a Higher Level Through Releasing Emotional, Physical, and Energetic Toxins

By Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves
Doreen Virtue enlightens us with healing methods to help clear both the physical body and emotional body.  Again she takes her belief and work with angels to a different level by integrating it with a natural health modality. Robert Reeves is an accredited naturopath with herbal medicine and nutritional training. Together they have come up with a detox system incorporating both of their combined strengths and experiences.
Using the diets explained within, one would hope to purge unhealthy substances not only to purify the body but to clear the mind of negative thoughts that harm as well.
Everyone’s experience will differ due to each individual’s current state of health depending on how much toxic buildup is present. That would include both physically and mindfully. They have a 7-day plan for detoxing from soda, alcohol, wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine/coffee, cigarette smoking, and other addictions. With each of these plans alternatives and vitamins/minerals are suggested to replenish after the toxins are eliminated.  Each has accompanying meditations/prayers to ease through the transitions.
Rather than the standard store-bought cleansing systems which are limited, this book addresses all areas of life. Using this holistic approach you’ll cleanse your environment meaning not only your pantry, but the toxins in your home. Household cleaners to personal hygiene products can have toxic chemicals that will adversely affect your body. In the section of detoxing the home, they list the common chemicals that invade our supposedly safe environments. They offer solutions that can be made out of essential oils that are safer to clean and disinfect, as well as alternative health care products.
To see other works by Doreen Virtue visit her website at:
To see other works by Robert Reeves visit his website at:
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