Book Review: If Gluten-Intolerant-diagnosed thought Baked Goods were no longer available, think again!




Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond

By Linda J. Amendt
This Gem of a cookbook does more than list recipes; it has sections detailing what gluten is and where to find it in order to avoid it. It has sections on alternative flours to use and resources to buy them. Also, she has tips about leavening, sugars, and whatnot to make the recipes even better.
Many of the recipes include pictures, which is extremely helpful to novice bakers/chefs. The recipes have clear, concise instructions without obscure ingredients. It makes Gluten free appetizing when so many other Gluten-free ready-made products are simply not.  
Linda Amendt includes tips for when you’re baking goes wrong or doesn’t have that exact desired effect; including mixing and baking techniques.
She begins with quick breads and muffins that are sweet or savory. Then she moves on to biscuits and scones. In the pancake chapter, you wouldn’t think there’d be so many choices, but with 8 different recipes that could be customized the options are endless. The same goes for crepes, consider spinach mushroom or egg and cheese crepes for dinner with an accompanying side salad. Yum!  Who said crepes had to be sweet?
The next chapter is waffles and French toast (and strata). In chapter six its all about cake, coffee cake, that is. Chapter seven is yeast breads and sweet rolls; chapter eight frittatas and omelets; then to bring it home she ends with savory stratas. 
Before closing she adds how to convert favorite recipes to gluten-free and lists a substitution guide for dairy ingredients.
To see other cookbooks visit Linda Amendt’s website at:
Be sure to visit her blog The Baking Corner for all things baking at:



FTC disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for reviewing purposes only, no further compensation was awarded.  





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