Book Review: Universal Energy is in Everything!


E Squared by Pam Grout
Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Pam Grout follows other great metaphysicians in explaining the Universal Energy field. This book is so much more than the claims of The Secret. It’s not only about the law of attraction. There is so much in this book that makes the reader take a minute to ponder. With scientific backing, many of the items she presents are actually true. When she applies them to everyday life, what seems implausible becomes possible.

I particularly liked the lesson on pre-conditioned thinking. When we, humans, are given ideals from generations before us that no longer apply yet we still live with them subconsciously. They no longer serve our needs, and yet they are recycled thought patterns that affect the physical body and life in general.

While critics will dismiss it as Pollyanna thinking, there is truth in what she teaches. It is up to the reader to determine how much truth. Pam Grout offers simple stories to showcase each experiment. While I would have liked detailed explanations of processes, it leads to experimentation; which in fact is the point of the whole book. With 9 experiments to conduct, the reader can confirm or deny the effectiveness of following this thought process to fruition. The results entirely depend on the reader.

As science advances and scientists gain the courage to voice their real findings on this topic, it will come to light that these are more than theories. In due time, Eastern knowledge of energy fields will meet with Western thought and they will merge. This book is a step in that direction.

To see other works by Pam Grout visit her website at:

And Hay House publishing at:

FTC Discloser: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley via Hay House Publishing for free for review purposes.


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