Book Review: A Great Introduction for Kids into the Realm of Fantasy/SciFi!




The Legend of Butterfield Farm

by D.D. Larsen

 Author D.D. Larsen crafts a whimsical story rich in characters kids will love. Although the main protagonist is a twelve year-old girl, named Holly, this story is for a variety of ages. Holly’s younger sister and their eight year-old cousin, Gordon, join Holly for an adventure into an alternate universe with alien creatures and familiar ones as well. A portal-creating flying tree carries the trio to meet a cast of characters in need of help to save their kingdom.

 This chapter story is great for a middle-grader to read or even better as a read-a-loud for younger children. It is a great introduction for younger ones to the genre of Fantasy/SciFi. It has familiar fantasy characters such as fairies, trolls, gnomes, yet portrays them in a positive light. The antagonist alien and his pig army can be merciless and lethal and you’ll be rooting for their defeat in the end. 

This story portrays how kids can get themselves into trouble with unbridled curiosity and how they think for themselves to get out of it. There is a strong theme of helping others especially those oppressed by a tyrant dictator; as well as team work to get the job done. While it is not all hearts and rainbows, the deaths that do occur are handled with care and are not gruesome in nature. Overall, it is a wonderful story that many generations would enjoy!

 The ending hints that a sequel could be possible which would be a welcome addition of what adventures could continue.

 To see other works by D.D. Larsen, visit his website at:




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