Book Review: The Epitome of “Dream Weddings”





A May Bride

Meg Moseley

This novella brings the half-way mark for the Year of Weddings novella series. Weddings, weddings, weddings are all over this story. Ellie Martin weeds a small garden of a church (which she doesn’t attend). She needs the simple act to distress from her life. Early one morning, she is weeding when a group of people show up for an impromptu wedding. She hides behind the bushes and waits out the informal ceremony. One of the guests sees her and introduces himself as Gray Whitby. She recognizes him from the coffee shop she visits daily. Eventually they start to date as Ellie’s sister Alexa plans her wedding, when the idea of a dream wedding comes into question.  Exactly how important is that day compared to the life that will be led after the nuptials?


Their single mother needs a healthy dose of reality as she is so controlling, she manipulates her daughter’s affections and decisions based on her skewed belief system. While it should be Christian, it is so judgmental that she represents more than a dysfunctional parent. Their mother is paying for Alexa’s wedding. When Alexa chooses to do something in opposition to her mother, the mother does not show unconditional love and forgiveness.  Instead she condemns her.


 This trio of women go through emotional turmoil that could have been avoided with proper communication and better family values. Meg Moseley paints a family going through more than typical struggles. While there are parts that could have had more emotion between the two main characters, the rest of the characters are emotionally gripping. You either love them or hate them, which is a good reaction for a reader to have.  


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