Book Review: Can a Wedding Dress really be cursed, or is it simply the women in Allie’s family?





A February Bride

A Year of Weddings Novella

By Betsy St. Amant

When best friend, Hannah, asks Allie to be in her Valentine day wedding, she knew she’d have to own up to leaving Hannah’s brother, Marcus, at the altar four months earlier. The story starts out with Allie in “the” dress waiting in the dressing room the day of her wedding. The sleeve tears and she sees it as a sign that her anxiety is justified. She doesn’t want to be like the women in her family that think marriage is a sport and weddings are great fun as long as they are the bride wearing “the” dress.

 Marcus, the jilted groom, doesn’t know what hit him. When he sees Allie again the love he felt for her rises up again. The theme of this story is whether the past, whether the fault of the family, and whether fear can be conquered for love to survive. This book does contain more Christian references than the previous three in the series, but not so much as to over power the storyline. It has a good plot and good story growth for the heroine, Allie. Of course, it has the Happily Ever After ending expected and a wedding more fitting for Allie’s new personality.

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