Book Review: The New Must-Read Series Continues to Thrill!






WESTERN DESERT, Book Two in The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy

By P.J. Sharon

 P.J. Sharon doesn’t disappoint with the second installment of the “The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael.”  This story continues a month later from when Waning Moon left off. Lily and Will head into the lion’s den in a rescue mission for her brother, Zeph and their friend, Luke. 

 The first book hinted at the destruction of the cities and human life but this book goes in depth of the devastation and the aftermath. It paints a dire portrait of the consequences that humans in our current time period’s actions lead to the earth rebelling to find balance in the future. Lily finds herself on a journey, not just physically, but emotionally and morally. She has to dig deep within herself to find how far she is willing to depart from the person she wants to be in order to achieve her goals.

 This second book is equally as intriguing as the first. The plot twists and dangers the characters face are believable and horrible at the same time. The thought of questioning the trust in human nature and if there is any good left worth fighting for is a sobering ideal. The premise that what we do now can and will affect the future paints a startling picture of just how bad it can be. Author P.J. Sharon treats these subjects and even more harrowing ones such as sex slavery and violence for survival with grace and care. While the characters deal with these adversities, there is never the feeling that all hope is lost. 

That is one of the many themes that run simultaneous with many others throughout these books.

Lily will learn more about the genetic alterations and how this information will effect how she proceeds.  It ends with a great cliff hanger, knowing the final confrontation in the last book will be one not to be missed.

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