Book Review: It Is Difficult to Express Sincere Sympathy, Give this Gift to Show the Way!






How to Heal A Grieving Heart

By Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh

 Everyone will know grief at some time in their life. This beautiful book is the answer for people that want to show support but aren’t sure how. It is meant for the person who is grieving to open to any page, as the Spirit will guide them to what they precisely need. It is not a narrative with chapters of advice, but a collection of thoughts on handling the grieving process. It is meant as comfort for those open to its message. It is meant as a bridge to allow the emotions that need to be felt, with assurances of a tomorrow.

 Each page is grace, a meditation of peace captured in stunning pictures. There is a short passage on each page with an intention behind each word. Poetic and Spiritual advice to help those in grief see there is a way to get through the difficult time. The beauty of the pictures and the soothing expressions are meant as a balm to the soul.

 Though this book is intended for those grieving a death, grief is felt for the loss of many things; a divorce, a relationship, a job, a way of life. This book’s messages can be adapted in the healing of any grief, no matter the cause.

 Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh come together to give the world their combined healing wisdom in this inspirational book.  Truly a gift worth giving!


 To see other works by Doreen Virtue see her website at:

And by James Van Praagh at:


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