Book Review: When Scientists Act as Gods and then Regret Their Meddling!







Waning Moon of the Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy

By P J Sharon

 In the first installment of the trilogy, P.J. Sharon masterfully paints a setting where the reader is instantly immersed not only in the story but directly into the story world. The characters have such depth that they become friends worth cheering. The story progression is fantastic. This is the new “must read” series!

 Waning Moon is an adventurous coming-of-age story that builds tension from the get-go. When the reader loses the focus of the real world in the first pages, they give control over to P.J Sharon to take them for a wild ride. She doesn’t disappoint.  In a dystopian world, Lily Carmichael and her brother Zeph live as outliers in a small town not under government control.  They are both genetically modified when scientists, such as their mother, were trying to eradicate illness by gene manipulation. With both of their parents dead, they live with their Uncle Sam who formerly was with NASA and of an engineering mind. Lily and Zeph have to hide their talents that were given to them from the genetic modifications. Most of their kind have been exterminated or rounded up by the government to work for their nefarious needs. When Sam takes a turn for the worse in his battle against cancer, Lily has to step up to get the life-saving medicine; only it will require her taking a trip to the nearest government controlled city to attain it.    

 When she meets one goal, another goal demands her attention setting this story firmly in a hill and dale motion. P. J Sharon writes with precision giving just enough of every aspect that a reader needs, great setting, great characters, building emotion and escalating tension.  It is an excellent start to what should be a fantastic series!

 Be sure to download the free short story prequel Soul Redemption and learn more about this series at:


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