Book Review: A Romance Across Time; Austen- Paranormal style!






An Eternity of Roses (the Valthreans #1)

By Natalie G. Owens

Make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine to snuggle into this story of love that conquers all; time, immortality and evil-intentioned witch’s spells. This romance meanders through time with an adventurous flair and paranormal intrigue. When two lovers engaged to be married are thwarted by a jealous immortal witch of a woman, the adventure takes foot.

 The story begins with ancient gods and mystical chalices that make mere men immortal. Two sects emerge, one wanting world dominance (of course- the aim of all evil cults) and the other defending the world against them. Their battle stretches across time and eventually the immortality comes to an undeserved woman, Madeleine de Brandeville.  The villain also happens to be an accomplished witch.  

 Madeleine works for the Cult of the Snake but serves her own purpose as well. She wants the power and prestige of the Viscount of Bournemouthe who happens to be Adrian Segrave.  Madeleine wants to be married to him so she can use his position to better herself and in the meantime appease the Cult that wants his influence with the royalty. However, Adrian is engaged to Lady Emmaline Deramore and only has eyes and heart for her.  Madeleine casts a spell to steal Adrian which sets in motion a series of adventures. Through a series of events Emma joins forces with the Valthreans to combat Madeleine and the Cult.

 Author Natalie Owens, has a poetic elegance in her writing reminiscent of the romantics of the 1800’s. The style of this series is Austen-like with flowing descriptive passages, and emotional drama added to a more modern paranormal adventure. The reader should be warned to take time with this story as the subtleties need to be savored as there is much detail given that is needed to understand all of the delicacies within.

 To learn more about this series and other works by Natalie G. Owens visit her website at:



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