Book Review: Never Let an Assumption Keep Love at Bay!






A January Bride

A Year of Weddings Novella

By Deborah Raney

The second in the Christian Romance series, A Year of Weddings Novella, A January Bride continues with the expected sweetness and charm. Each of these novellas does not continue any of the characters or storylines. They are completely separate except for the two facts of being Christian Romance and the theme of weddings. Author Deborah Raney is adept at creating characters that pull the reader into her story world and A January Bride is no exception.


Madeline Houser is a writer on a deadline. She’s moved back to her hometown to be near her Alzheimer-plagued mother. The house she is living in is under remodel, making the writing effort Herculean. Her good friend Ginny suggests her inn-owner friend, Arthur, come to her aid. Arthur agrees to let Maddie work in the dining room of his inn as he doesn’t have any guests at that moment. They begin corresponding via thank you letters with a huge assumption made by both parties regarding the age of each other.


As can be surmised, a love blossoms between them which is what Ginny wanted all along. It is a charming tale of friendship, family commitments, loss of a loved one, loss of one’s self and finding love again when it seemed impossible. The Christianity was again subtle as in the first of the series, present but not preachy. A lovely way to continue the series with great writing and a great story!


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