Book Review: To Launch a Year of Weddings!



A December Bride By Denise Hunter

In this remarkable Christian series, A Year of Weddings, each month a different author shares a novella length love story based on the theme of weddings.  In A December Bride Denise Hunter begins the series with Layla O’Reilly having to attend her cousin Jessica’s wedding. The quandary, Jessica is marrying Layla’s ex-fiancée Jack. To add insult to injury, Jack was engaged to Layla when he began seeing Jessica.  In the small town of Chapel Springs, everyone knows the gossip and wonders how Layla will react.  The novella begins the day of the wedding in the hours before. Layla is at her day-job waitressing when Seth Murphy comes in for lunch. Seth or a.k.a Murphy was Jack’s best friend.  He received the phone call from Jessica and sent Jack to help her with car troubles which brought the two together. So in a round-about-way, he instigated Jessica and Jack. 


Layla’s date to the wedding calls her the morning of and claims illness, leaving Layla in a predicament. Seeing Seth brings about a whole slew of emotions she doesn’t want to deal with. However, she is desperate and doesn’t want to show up to the wedding alone. He convinces her to be his date and that is where the story snowballs into an avalanche of trouble. Add in that Layla is struggling to get her business off the ground and needs Seth’s help.


Denise Hunter created in-depth characters and a compelling story arc that was a pleasure to read, especially in such a short format. The Christian tone was subtle which would bring readers from across belief boundaries. There wasn’t any preaching which was refreshing. The approach was more of show by example and lead with moral growth.


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