Book Review: Yet another riveting installment of the True Believer Series!




By Erin McCarthy
Author Erin McCarthy has done it again! The third installment of the True Believer series started out with True then continued with Sweet and now Believe.  The majority of the characters were introduced in True, but each subsequent novel highlights a different couple’s story and adds intriguing characters that spice up the flavor.
These New Adult adventures are full of drama, action and of course love. When jaded men meet optimistic women, it proves opposites attract.  Everyone makes mistakes, but if you choose to let those mistakes define you then you’ve already lost the game. In this story Robin makes a huge mistake that she can’t forgive herself for. She’s betrayed a trusted friend and she’s betrayed herself. When she meets ex-con Phoenix, she doesn’t understand why he would be interested in her. Phoenix can’t understand why Robin would be interested in him. They come from two entirely different social worlds.  Yet, it is the mistakes, one regretted and one applauded, that bring them together.
When mistakes are made again, it threatens to pull them apart permanently. Can self-respect and self forgiveness happen to bring them together again? Can you really judge a book by its cover, metaphorically speaking? Does a body full of tattoos and a criminal record really mean he’s unfit for society, compared to her previous party-all-the-time-college suburban girl reputation?  Can they both leave the despair of the past behind them to come out of the dark tunnel into the blue filled sky? Will they ever find their bluebird of happiness?
To see all of Erin McCarthy’s work, visit her website:

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