Book Review: When a Master is still a Novice!





Path of the Novice Mystic   by Paul Dunion

Author and Psychotherapist Paul Dunion philosophizes about mysticism with an invitation to live intimately.  He says this by defining that to mean ‘intimate is to make known’. Usually the stereotype brings up images of gurus leading a devoted spiritual life with followers hanging on their every word.  Dunion offers an alternative that takes the guru out of the picture.  Anyone can be a mystic and he reminds that even the master needs to be humble to retain the novice experience of wonder, as he says “The reference to a novice mystic is simply a reminder that making peace with life’s mystery calls for a devotion to remaining a beginner.”  (pg 2)

 He questions the going definition to be ignorance- a novice is not naïve, but that everyone should have child-like curiosity with open-mindedness. Not one particular tradition is singled-out; he includes references to Buddhism, Christianity, Hindusim, Indigenous Shamanism, Islam, Jusaism and Taoism among other cited beliefs.

 He shares how his spiritual life deepened when he wanted to make peace with his understanding of life.  Perhaps the sole purpose of the book is to invite readers to join in a devotion to union of “living the self-examined life accompanied by compassion”.

 Fans of Eckhart Tolle will find wisdom in Path of a Novice Mystic.

For information regarding his therapy practice, his other books, his workshops and mystery school visit Paul Dunion’s website:


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