Book Review: Can Santa Bring Love Down the Chimney?




Sleigh Bells in the Snow

Sarah Morgan
 Author Sarah Morgan “treats” her readers to a holiday inspired romance. Workaholic marketing expert, Kayla Green can’t wait to escape everything Christmas. Jackson O’Neil leaves his thriving European resort business in capable hands to help bring his family’s resort into the black. He needs her expertise to bring visitors to the Vermont inn. He invites her to stay at the resort to get a feel for the task at hand.  When she hears “secluded cabin”, she jumps on the chance to leave all of the Christmas trappings behind. However, the O’Neil family is big on Christmas and she lands smack dap in the middle of it.
She has to win over the grandfather patriarch to show him what modern social media can do and in the process she brings together family members that were too proud to show their real feelings. Patriarch O’Neil fears change and doesn’t understand why Jackson is spending money when they need to conserve what they have.  Jackson wants to provide amenities that will draw visitors to see what they have to offer.  A problem solver, Kayla, suggest solutions at every turn as the family dramas unfold. Of course, Kayla falls in love with the resort and Jackson falls in love with her.  
Author Sarah Morgan paints a landscape canvas so detailed; the reader will feel like they are getting frostbite.  This Christmas inspired romance will surely have the reader wrapped up in the season, wishing for their own white Christmas.  It is a truly wonderful Christmas story without the mushy, sentimental Lifetime Movie feel.
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