Book Review: All for the love of a child!




The Dimitrakos Proposition

Lynne Graham
Greek Billionaire Acheron Dimitrakos was too busy to notice when his cousin named him guardian of baby girl Amber or to care when that baby became an orphan. When Tabby Glover, best friend of Amber’s mother, confronts him for his help the conflict begins. Tabby was there when Amber’s father died and when Amber was born and again when the mother died. Tabby became Amber’s caretaker and loved her as her own child. However, Tabby is barely off the streets after losing her business to take care of Amber’s mother.  Social services want to put Amber into the foster system, a system Tabby came from. Her last desperate plea to keep Amber puts her directly in Acheron’s “Ash” path.

 On the day Tabby arrives at his office, Ash is meeting with his attorney discussing his late father’s will. Ash has to marry to keep his company.  Conveniently, Tabby needs a spouse for the adoption of Amber. They both don’t want the true marriage, only a paper one. They both think ill of each other, one uncaring and arrogant, and one down on her luck and defiant at all costs.  As they are brought together, they both change as Amber changes his heart and soften hers.

 The light hearted romance is a good read full of entertainment and the requisite happily ever after.  Lynne Graham is a seasoned author and continues her success with this Harlequin Presents title.   

 To see other titles by Lynne Graham see her website:





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