Book Review: A time-traveling twist on the Russian Romanov story!




Amanda Gray
Author Amanda Gray takes the Romanov history and turns it into a soulful love story full of adventure and inner journeys. 17 year old Jenny Kramer has the ability to see the past lives of people all by simply touching them. Because she doesn’t want to be flooded with these visions, she distances herself from everyone around her. When her restoration architect father, is given a new assignment she meets Ben Daulton.  Ben’s mother inherited an old house and while Ben and Jenny are cleaning out the attic, they come across a music box that brings more than just a song.
The two find out their lives were once intertwined when Jenny finds out she was one of the Romanov girls promised to Ben in his past life.  However, Jenny’s past life heart was with Nikolai. It is Nikolai that time travels to save Jenny in her present life because he failed to save her in her past one when she was executed during the revolution.
Of course, there is an Order that keeps time travelers in check and in their proper time period and they know about Nikolai. Action, escape and adventure take turns as the trio figure out the mystery of saving each other. It is an endearing story where love can withstand death and make the impossible possible.
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