Book Review: Adventure for an unlikely heroine in a fantastic world!





The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson


Set in another planet, another world, man-made objects from Earth among other unknown planets drop into craters via meteor storms that ravage the terra firma. This single premise drives the adventure forward. Piper lives in a kingdom set on making war machines at the cost of the kingdom’s people. Her father jobless, traveled to the neighboring kingdom, set on technological advancement in the name of exploring lands beyond their kingdom.  The people of both kingdoms are forgotten in the greed of the royal ambitions. Piper ekes out a living, after her father’s death, by scavenging pieces from the crater and fixing them to sell to traders.  In one moment of a particularly bad meteor storm she has to make a decision to protect a girl that shouldn’t have been out in the storm in the first place.

 The adventure ensues as Piper commits to take Anna back to the Dragonfly territory in what she thinks is a saving grace. They board a train and meet more than they expect along a fantastic journey. Piper learns more about herself and more about the world she lives in as the train takes her places she never dreamed of. Full of action and adventure, this story didn’t disappoint.  

 Jaleigh Johnson created not only a dystopian/steam punk world, but one rich in detail and other-worldly characters that sets the reader smack-dab in the middle of it all. From the get-go the reader is pulled into the world with wonder and awe.  Without being preachy, their definitely is a theme of choosing the right way over greed; choosing loyalty over reward.  As Piper’s decisions show the correct path, the royalty show the incorrect path and the resulting consequences of each.

 This is a wonderful story sure to please the most fickle young reader!

 To see other books by Jaleigh Johnson see her website at:


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