Book Review: Madness in all its glory! Debuting author Ken Goldstein can add Mad-hatter to his titles as he puts on the top hat of Grand Marshal for this parade of madness!





This is Rage: A Novel of Silicon Valley and Other Madness

By Ken Goldstein

 This is Rage takes an in-depth approach at explaining a complicated business and the cogs of the wheels that make the clock work behind the curtain appear facile. In a world of technology sometimes the human perspective gets lost in the bits and bytes. It gets lost in the grand scheme of science and what that can do for us as it takes over us. This isn’t exclusive to Silicon Valley; the current business model of all corporate America is affected by the bottom line being more important than the human line of layoffs.

 The Madness of This is Rage showcases the frustration of the youth trying to garner attention that their ideas are quality and it highlights the emotional turmoil of the aftermath when a technology becomes obsolete and it features how the best of intentions of a start-up can go terribly wrong once the financial greed of Wall-Street takes control.

 Ken Goldstein’s debut novel takes the reader on an action-packed ride into a world that seems just crazy enough, just mad enough, to make you question if it is real. Then realization hits that through madness it is highly probable and more realistic than anyone really wants it to be. It is thought provoking and the many themes of this novel stay with the reader long after the book is put down.  After all of that add in the entertainment value as the quirkiness of the characters carry the reader through a rabbit-hole into another land- Silicon Valley, part full of wonder, part full of nightmares.

 With this as his start, we can only expect great stories as his journey in his writing career continues.

 For more information visit Ken Goldstein’s webpage at


The Story Plant Publishing is having a Friday promotion today, this title and many more for a discounted price today. This is Rage is on sale for $1.99 with Barnes & Noble. Other Story Plant books that are part of the Free Friday promotion are Love Thy Neighbor by Mark Gilleo (free), This is Rage by Ken Goldstein ($1.99), From the Ashes by Jeremy Burns ($1.99), The Eighth Day by Tom Avitabile ($1.99), The Fifth Man by James LePore ($1.99), Back from the Dead by Peter Leonard ($1.99), and The Shepherd by Ethan Cross ($1.99).


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