Book Review: A truly riveting, dark story that will stay in your thoughts!


Desert Rice by Angela Scott

Angela Scott doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to her characters as is evidenced in this enthralling story of a brother and sister that have metaphorically seen the walls of hell.  Another “couldn’t put down” read, this story keeps the reader on their toes as plot twist after plot twist happens to these two. The build-up of suspense is incredible to the ultimate climax that is breath-taking in the courtroom scene. Emotionally raw, it left me in empathetic tears that something like that could happen.  This story’s theme of the true meaning of family and the sacrifices family members will take after the ultimate betrayal is awe inspiring and not in the stereotypical sappy kind of way.


This was a heart-felt emotional story, but nothing in similarity to what is usually referenced that way. This was intense to what lengths a brother would go to keep his sister alive, safe and protected. Jacob keeps the secret even from his sister, Samantha, as her memory is blocked of the horrific event.  The reader doesn’t even find out what that event truly was until the courtroom scene. Not to be outdone, Samantha is equally heroic in how she saves Jacob. Clever plotting on Angela Scott’s part, it showcases how a writer wants to craft an amazing story.


To see other works by Angela Scott see her website at:



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