Book Review: A spunky love story riddled from a mysterious past!




TemptationBay by Anna Sullivan

TemptationBay alludes to what would tempt a person, be it the seduction of love, money, alcohol, gambling or secrecy. This romance touches on all of these temptations and more but with a twist. It is not your average romance. In fact it is filled with passion, but not the kind you are thinking. Small aircraft pilot and airline owner Maggie Solomon is passionate about her planes, copters and cars, not to mention the island she calls home.  An unsolved mystery case from the past comes to light when private investigator Dexter Keegan is a passenger on Maggie’s flight. An inheritance could change an islander’s life but secrecy must remain until definitive proof is found.  Dex finds himself without answers when the tight-lipped community of islanders stand firm in their loyalty to each other.

A romance buds between Maggie and Dex, but it’s definitely not the typical roses and chocolate kind.  This launch of a series captivates attention through the antics of the heroine and hero while introducing several island inhabitant characters that will come to center stage in subsequent books. This story was witty and sharp in its approach to a not-so-typical heroine, an equally compelling hero and a formidable tension from the get-go. Excellently crafted, this story was ensnaring to the very last sentence.


To see other works by Anna Sullivan, see her website at:


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