Book Review: A friendship destined to last for eternity!





Flash and Dazzle by Lou Aronica

 Flash and Dazzle is an endearing story chronicling the relationship of two friends that become inseparable even by death. Full of laugh-out-loud moments needed to cut the tension of the heart breaking ordeal, Lou Aronica, masterfully crafted this emotional story. 

 The characters Rich Flaster and Eric Dazman are so real; the reader will feel like they are part of the duo’s close knit friends. Rooting for the triumphs and being awed by the tragedies, then being tumbled on the path towards grief, the emotions are raw and surreal as you journey along with Flash and Daz.  It is a testament that great friendships matter and they do not end even when Death comes calling. Aronica handled the serious scenes with such grace that they come off as heartfelt celebrations despite the dire circumstances.  

 The journey is told through Flash’s eyes, relating the events as they unfold while taking steps backward in time to further the exploration of their lives. It is a coming of age story for two men in their late 20’s. The lessons they learn should be standard curriculum for any college student as the universal theme of what is really important in life is played out for the reader to witness along side the characters. It questions if there is imbalance between the pursuit of success and what really makes a person happy. It questions how much of a person’s past shapes their future. It questions loyalty and examines that love is a non-romantic emotion that can grow between two friends. It emphatically states that this love can endure anything and is the most important of them all.

 It is within my sincere hope that a screenplay adaptation can lead to a movie, as this is one story that most definitely needs to be seen on the big screen.

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