Book Review: Sassy yet charming in this fun filled romance of hi-jinks and mystery!





Crazy For You by Juliete Rosetti

Juliete Rosetti does a fine job creating more adventure in her sequel to The Escape Diaries. Mazie recently out of prison ends up as a barista of sorts at a lingerie coffee shop and has to solve her ex-bosses murder in order to clear her name.  Lots of fun ensues as she gathers clues and evidence. In the process her on again/off again boyfriend is also implicated in the murder. Mazie goes double time in order to clear his name as well.

This was a light read, with laughter abound. I’m seriously impressed by the car that oinks, such description was truly hilarious. Mazie has just the right amount of sass and fortitude to not be a victim. In fact she comes to the rescue of her hero rather than stereotype.

The list of supporting characters add even more humor with the drag queen (have to love the ladies night out strip club scene) and the teenage hood-twin (i.e. bobsy-twin) paintball enthusiasts.  This story is filled with controversy, especially the church league that pickets outside the coffee shop and the plastic surgery team that preys on age-conscious insecurities.

Overall, there were many themes presented that showcased how ridiculous they can be in our society, but each were handled with the added finesse of humor making them invisible between the story lines.

To see other works by Juliete Rosetti visit her website at:


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