Book Review: Proof love can be found at any age under any circumstances!




A Basic Renovation by Sandra Antonelli

Sandra Antonelli takes heed to many readers voicing they want older protagonists too. This funny, endearing story showcases love at many ages, all the way from 70+ Grandpa (GP) to 40-something heroine Lesley.

It is a wonderful tale of love-gone-wrong with a rascal of man only to find love-gone-right with the correct brother. Not all men can be judged by their family’s actions and not all families can judge ex-wives by their son’s lies.

It was a refreshing story full of family disputes, ornery old men, a disillusioned old woman, failed love and kindled love. Two souls come to the recognition that there is more to life than to believe in old hurts, which leads them to rediscover each other.

Sandra Antonelli paints a vivid portrait of betrayal, heartache and the process one goes through to renovate a life anew. This is a wonderful story full of laughter, love, heartaches, arguments and familial discourse that keeps the reader fully engaged until the end.

To see other works by Sandra Antonelli visit her website at:





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