Book Review: A nuanced thrill ride of paranormal proportions!






Chaos Bound by Rebekah Turner


Chaos Bound is the sequel to Chaos Born which introduced heroine Lora Blackgoat. This continues with the ever changing factions of Nephilim, Hellspawn, Grigori and of course down and out bad guys.  Add in Mafia-type powers and corrupted government officials to round out this all star cast of characters that keep this story moving as Lora discovers clues to her real identity.

 Rebekah Turner created a detailed world rich in color and flavor. Her story doesn’t just reside in this world, but fully encompasses it. Lora’s antics as a sleuth and butt-kicking savior keep the adventures rolling.  It was a highly entertaining read with the promise of more to come. The plot layers were intertwined so expertly that the reader doesn’t see the wizard behind the curtain. Overall an excellent tale of adventure, romance and paranormal fantasy all rolled into one. A five star story worth reading!

 To see other works by Rebekah Turner visit her website at:


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