Book Review: A gritty, knock-you-around romance that keeps you suspended until the very end!





Detained by Ainslie Patton

 Ainslie Patton had her work cut out for her when she created these two characters and brilliantly it worked. It was filled with unexpected events that kept the reader wondering. Detained, an apt name for the book as it will keep the reader detained in the chair until the end. Then the reader will want to book to continue even after the last page.

 The characters are well conceived, and convincingly real, the storyline and plot plausible and entertaining. There was just enough intrigue, just enough romance and just enough suspense to make this a five star story.

 When a woman raised only by a hard-core journalist father and brother, tries to prove her journalistic merit, mayhem and fun ensue. When a wealthy businessman recluse finds himself in her crosshairs of journalistic integrity, a match is made that even they both can’t deny. Revenge, destruction, and life re-birth come full circle in this entertaining story that you won’t want to miss.

 To see other works by Ainslie Patton visit her website at:


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