Book Review: Not only a historical romance, it is so much more, the twists, turns and knock-a-bouts often leave smiles in their wake!





A Wicked Pursuit by Isabella Bradford

 Isabella Bradford’s experience shows with her charming, witty tale of a capable woman and a bedridden rascal of a man. No misery here, his pursuit of love landed him there. Of course he would fall in love, but not with the woman whom his proposal was aimed.

 This tale of innocence verses worldliness captures the attention of the reader and delightfully pulls them through the story. You’ll be rooting for this hero and heroine to take that final step to be together after a series of events leaves you wondering if that will ever happen. 

 Can they find courage in each other to overcome their weaknesses? Can they find courage in each other to realize their true feelings? Will the secrets they each hold detriment the budding relationship? Will the inner turmoil of insecurities doom them before they can even begin?   

 This beginning of a trilogy is the epitome of what the romance genre is all about. Wonderfully crafted, the next installments are sure to please as this one most decidedly did.     



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