Book Review: It’s a story of survival and a story of waking up one day to know nothing is as it was yesterday!

17617661All Change Please by Danielle West

Danielle West writes All Change Please with the emotional impact that puts the reader deeply inside the pain of this trio of friends. When their friend, 27 year old Laura, unexpectedly dies it throws the surviving friends into the journey of grief.

The story meanders from Ophelia to Kat to Elise. West gives each a turn at point of view to delve into their reactions and how each handles it.  With their self-reflection they come to realization of unmet dreams and misdirection of their lives. The reader is taken along on the path through their self discovery.  One of the many related themes, sometimes the end of something can bring about positive change, shows the growth of these characters as they deal with the changes.  Even though there are the scientific stages of grief, each character has their way of handling the raw emotion that has overtaken their lives.

Fortunately for these friends, they have each other to depend on carrying them through. Life doesn’t stop for these ladies to grieve, more changes occur that transform and mend relationships.  Two are American transplants in the city of London, another theme of fitting in-being an outsider, helps see how a person’s past colors a personality but it is up to the individual whether it defines their character.  Anglophiles will smile at the glossary of British phrases with American translations.

This is Danielle West’s debut novel. Visit her Amazon author page for more information:


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