Book Review: A glimpse into the techno-corporate world rife with espionage, murder and mayhem!


The Woman Who Stopped Traffic

By Daniel Pembrey

The Woman Who Stopped Traffic has multiple layers that create a dramatic storyline of suspense.  When security consultant Natalie Chevalier is contracted to look into disturbing groups of a social media site, her life is put in danger. More mayhem ensues as she goes further down the rabbit hole of the investigation.

When the reader thinks they have the malefactor figured out, Pembrey turns on his heels and resolves the mystery with an unexpected villain. Silicon Valley lives up to its reputation as the setting of this internet company thrill ride adding authenticity to an already information packed book.

For further madness and mayhem, the characters of the story must enter an online role-playing game in order to solve the puzzle surrounding the disturbing groups.  More adventure ensues as Natalie teams up with the F.B.I to take down the sex trafficking ring that has set up shop on the social media site.

The story is a great introduction to the character of Natalie Chevalier, as I suspect she will be continuing in more adventures with the F.B.I. The story ends, not with her riding off into the sunset, but definitely bringing closure to a cause worth fighting for.


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