Book Review: Delectable says it all!



Delectable by Adrianne Lee

Scrumptiously written, this tale of a family surviving a tragedy and picking up the broken pieces is a positive slice of familial fortitude.  When Quint McCoy breaks his marriage and runs away from his life to deal with his grief, he has to eventually come home and face the consequences of his actions.

Everyone in his circle of family and friends can see what a mess he has made; most of all his mother, Molly. She takes action to move forward and she drags him along for the ride.  Closing his real estate business, Molly takes over the retail space to open her pie shop and café.

Within a separate thread, Callee McCoy plans for her future away from her soon-to-be ex-husband Quint. Her plans to move on are foiled when a crisis prevents her from leaving town.  Will Quint realize the mistakes he’s made and can Callee forgive him for his wrongs against her?  Can they save the pie shop from doom before its grand opening?

Delectable has an array of plot twists and fun turns in this entertaining romance.  You’ll be rooting for both Quint and Callee as they each seem to be working against themselves; the true villain is their doubt.

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