Book Review: Among the best of Jody Hudlund’s writing!

rebellious heart

Rebellious HEART by Jody Hedlund

American Revolutionary History is brought to life in this rich story of loyalty, love and morality. Susanna Smith’s loyalty to the King of England is unwavering, but her duty to help those in dire need make her question her ideologies.  When situations arise that make her deliberate on all she believed, it makes the reader root for her to see what we already know. The beauty of reading a story set in the past gives the readers a sense of knowing only because we live the outcome.

Benjamin Ross wants the American dream before it’s even become America. He sees opportunity to better his life and the lives of those around him by rebelling against the tyrannical rule the settlers are burdened under. He must decide whether preconceived ideas will keep him from his budding love and whether social mobility is worth marrying without love.

Mix in a cold-hearted moral-less Redcoat bent on making life a living hell for anyone he comes across and you have the villain of all villains.  This story’s pacing is a page-turning addiction keeping you enthralled until the very end.  Loosely based on the early relationship of John and Abigail Adams, this story sheds a new light on living history.

I can’t say enough about this story; it simply was a wonderful reading experience. The rich detail, the emotional turmoil, the action, the rebellion, the villainy all coalesce into one of the best of Jody Hedlund’s works. She has set a new bar of greatness for herself.

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