Book Review: WWIII Green Bomb aftermath leaves the earth devastated but Hope survives in more ways than one

cover29096-smallSky Jumpers by Peggy Eddleman

Daring to do what her settlement fears, 12 year old Hope defies death with her adventurous spirit.  Being courageous is not Hope’s weakness, her insecurity of being different is. While the community applauds technical finesse and inventive creativity, Hope’s strength lies in leadership and problem solving. She overcomes the community’s collective fear of going into the Bomb’s Breath, a deadly aftermath area due to lack of oxygen.  She plays in it by cliff diving through its invisible clouds but finds out it could save the entire settlement when terror comes knocking on the door.  This story shows how a community can survive after an earth shattering mistake by scientists and warmongers. It shows the human spirit will find a way to carry on despite all odds, even when their own species turns against them.


While it is post-apocalyptic, the story doesn’t dwell on the hardships. It showcases the resiliency of human nature to survive. Eddleman crafts a wonderful coming-of-age tale that will delight more than middle-graders. It is a story full of heart, action, adventure that will transcend age groups.  It is a wonderful story that highlights that everyone has something to offer the community with varied talents and strengths.


To read more of Peggy Eddleman’s work and find Sky Jumper extras, visit her website at


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