Book Review: Secret Sister plunges into the mystery of what happens to our soul after death.

ImageSecret Sister by Emelle Gamble







Would you trade places with your best friend to give her another chance at life? This spectacular story bridges more than devoted friendship, it deals with sacrifice, grief, and unconditional love at an extreme most would not care to give.   




When two best friends are involved in a tragedy, one survives, but the other does not.  The question is which one really survived?  Is it Catherine or Roxanne? The tension builds when the survivor has to convince everyone it really is her, even her husband.  




It is an interesting concept that the soul can change physical attributes of a being.  It’s not only mannerisms or certain quirks that change when a new soul resides in a different body, but the essence that comes through.   This story is complex on so many levels that readers will be entertained and provoked in thought at the same time.  




I’d love to have  Dr. Seth and Inga as friends. Surprisingly, I found them to be the most inspirational couple in this story even though they play a supporting role.  Perhaps that is as it was meant to be,  true unconditional love. 




This story should make the reader ask what would they do in similar circumstances and all great stories always have inner reflection at their heart!






To see other works by Emmelle Gamble visit her website at





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