Book Review: Freshman hazing takes on a new connotation!

ImageElite by Rachel Van Dyken

Freshman hazing takes on a new connotation!
Trace Rooks has been accepted to a private college; but this is a college unlike any she has seen. Elite describes more than just the type of college, it speaks of the students, their potential and their legacy families. Security is more than tight, it is the law turning this campus into a fortress.
Freshman hazing makes Trace rethink if she belongs there as she is tormented for her perceived lower social standing.  Coming from a farm does not translate well among her arrogant, moneyed classmates.
She receives the attention of Class President Nixon Abandonato, who literally rules  the school .  At first he makes her life a living hell until a mystery unravels as her life unravels.
In an unexpected twist Sicilan families come into play as the past is revealed and her life is endangered.
This beginning of a series is a conflict riddled launch with so much excitement that promises more to come.
To see other works by Rachel Van Dyken visit her website at

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