Book Review: A breathless perspective on the undead.



Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian

It was a unique read  to have the reaper, or under god , or Death with a capital  D, suspend taking souls to the other world. His request was simply that it will not resume until his Cobweb Bride is brought to him.  The consequences of this is far reaching. The very balance of the cycle of life is disturbed. Imagine if there were  no death at all.  Nothing would decompose, plants, animals, humans, any organic material that relies on a finality would hang in an animated suspension. Those that were killed, don’t die. Those that should die, can’t.
When the realization that something has to be done, a proclamation is made for all eligible females to travel to Death’s castle keep. Adventures, captures, escapes ensue. With a bit of magic added in, this is truly a compelling story.  The suspense to see which of the characters will be the bride keeps you turning pages. Unlikely heroes arise to take action with a twist when the damsel saves the knight instead of vice versa.  Not really martyrdom, but self- sacrifice none-the-less is one of the themes that weaves throughout the story.  Willingly being in service to those you love is another thread as each character finds the strength within them to take this journey.  A remarkable story!
As this first installment ends the adventure gets further complicated by Death’s confession and a heroine becomes his champion.
To learn more about this trilogy, visit Vera Nazarian’s website at















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