Book Review: A peek into the enthralling subculture of the Biker Club Chaos.

Fire Inside. A Chaos novel.


The story encompasses turf wars, mafia mix-ups, familial loyalty, drama of hierarchy and girlfriends pulled into life threatening situations.  Rich girl Lanie goes through emotional growth on her road of recovery after a horrific betrayal and death.  Weathered biker Hopper fills that void helping her heal through the pain. The story has many unexpected  threads that lead credence to the family of characters, completing their development into full figures within the imagination.  It shows that even  a rough and tumble society such as this has its own morals and rules.  Family is important, no matter how you define “family”.
When I was given this galley to review, I didn’t know it was an erotic novel.  My first thought after the first numerous sex scenes was that it could do without so many of them. Until I finished, then I changed my perspective because they are as much a part of the mythos of a biker club as the bikes themselves. The novel would not be as true to life without them.  Putting that aside, the story does stand on its own.  There  is romance, suspense, action and introspection which was completely unexpected.
Fire Inside is a part of the Chaos series, you can view Kristen Ashley’s other works of fiction and see what’s coming after for the next installment of the Chaos Biker Club at

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