Book Review: Knowing rivals The Da Vinci Code with an American twist


Author Laurel Dewey paints a masterpiece of her own in this homicidal detective adventure.   Hardcore Detective Jane Perry leads this artfully crafted thrill ride through Colorado, as she evades the international organization henchmen. All-the-while trying to decipher the symbols left behind by a turn coat of that organization.  A soulful, spiritual synchronicity seems to be around every deciphered moment leading a supernatural edge that heightens the suspense and adds that little bit extra to keep the pages turning.
The story has it all, intrigue, evil international organizations trying to control the world, supernatural science, assassins, espionage, innocents and a hardened detective that finds herself while trying to save a framed man.
The character growth of Jane Perry is evident by the last pages and you’ll root for her because of her endearing crass mouth and kick-ass attitude.  Even a jaded detective can have a mothering care for innocent teddy bears, proving there is much more in the heart and mind.  When that teddy bear has a heart transplant bringing a piece of its soul with it, everything changes. The heart is the key to the story, in all of its varied meanings.
Jane Perry stars in a series of novels, to learn more visit her  publisher at

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