Book Review: Disturbing, yet delightfully so!


 Amanda’s Story twists the biological warfare premise into a supernatural suspense.  The beginning vignettes slowly start the ball rolling, picking up explanation as it increases speed. By the time you get to the aftermath of Honduras,  the suspense is at full throttle.  Based on the fear that pandemic viral outbreaks will apocalypse the entire earth, then switch gears to a survivor of “Firestarter” proportions and you have a prequel of fascinating events.

Brian O’Grady goes to the core of every human being by admitting we all have a dark side, even the most saintliest among us. That taboo alter ego that we are taught to hide inside a locked closet within the confines of our brain, can never be let out. However, what happens when someone does let it out, erroneously believing their actions have just cause? What happens when realization dawns that the resulting actions may be the wrong decisions and it is too late to change course direction? The people affected are irreversibly changed and the possibility that it could be worse always lies outside of reach of those determined to quell it.  When Brian O’Grady adds in the the twist of supernatural suspense, it changes the dynamic of the story. You now know how Amanda got here, the question “What  will she do next to survive?” leads you into Hybrid, the following novel of Amanda’s tale.
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