Book Review: The Testing

The Testing is the answer to Hunger Games fans hungry for something similar.

In its own right, The Testing, puts a unique spin on the emotions of growing into adulthood. The responsibilities and stresses a sixteen year old faces when presented with the demand to choose a future is further complicated when an inauspicious yet presumably honorable invitation is issued. Cia is chosen to be tested, which is treasonous to refuse, in order to be considered for university. The restoration of civilization, after the decimating World war has demolished life as we currently know it, is the duty of the few graduates. The graduates live a privileged life compared to their co-inhabitants in the various trade specific colonies. However, what the average citizen doesn’t know about the testing leaves Cia determined to reveal its mortal secrets. The ending promises of a sequel, as the groundwork is laid for future conflicts, moral dilemmas and hopefully triumphs over leadership supposedly having good-for-all intentions.



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