Book Review: Steven Manchester dove deep into his creative well to reemerge with this emotional story of the McCarthy family.

The Rockin’ Chair

Charismatic, endearing, intelligent are all words to describe this poetic literary tale. Memories can be favored, forgotten or scorned and this story chronicles one family’s multi-generational tribulations, successes and growth as a result of those memories.

The Rockin’ Chair is the preferred throne for “the” Grandpa John McCarthy, where he carves the names of his beloved family into the weathered wood. It is his place to view his world, to regale tales of family adventures and to rest by the side of Three-Speed, his dog. When the love of his existence, Alice, passes away, he must choose whether he wants to join her or inspire the family survivors to find peace. Much more than overcoming grief, he must heal broken hearts all the while suppressing his own pain.

The characters draw you in, as they harbor emotions that make readers empathize with their struggles. One of Steven Manchester’s many talents is the ability to create characters that could be your own family or next door neighbor. You feel what they are feeling and you experience the trauma as if you were present on the farm. His description is rich in detail, but just the right balance for you to know about Montana without being superfluous. He writes with poetic magnetism, keeping you enthralled in the story without flashy gimmicks. It’s humble, down-home, and a well-written story you won’t want to miss.

You can learn more about Steven at his  publisher’s website

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